Advantages of VPS Servers Over Dedicated Servers

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VPS or Virtual Private Server is an intermediate between Dedicated and Shared hosting. A virtual private server is just a virtual machine sold commercially as an online service by an Internet server service provider. Shared virtual private servers are another type of VPS. In shared virtual private servers the physical machine is shared with other customers but with greater performance isolation than with a single physical machine. The virtual dedicated virtual server has a close equivalent meaning to a dedicated virtual private server.

Both shared hosting vs. dedicated servers offer excellent cost savings over the long term compared with conventional Web hosting. However, they have many differences that make one preferable over the other. The major difference between shared hosting vs. VPS solutions is the medium to long-term stability offered by VPS. The shared web hosting solution will typically experience day to day downtime due to maintenance or unexpected downtime caused by maintenance oracles. VPS solutions offer nearly constant daily availability and are much more stable.

For organizations that do not have complete IT department expertise, VPS hosting offers a cost-saving alternative to a traditional hardware-based web hosting environment. To get the most out of a VPS/dedicated virtual server solution, you should ensure that all your requirements are met and that the hardware you are purchasing for your VPS is compatible with the operating system used in your VPS. Hardware incompatibility can cause problems during the lifetime of your VPS. Ensuring that your hardware matches the operating system that will be used will give you the stability and operational efficiency that you need.

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