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Medicaid beneficiaries often delay or miss medical care because they lack affordable or available non-emergency transportation to medical appointments. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is an essential need for individuals who are otherwise unable to get to their healthcare appointments. Only a stable NEMT service can solve this problem offering reliable and safe transportation of the consumers.

NEMT providers get trips from various sources and submit reports/claims to numerous funders. They must perform document imports and exports with Medicaid, health care organizations, brokers, private pay sources, etc. To avoid muddle, providers should use the most up-to-date platforms with real-time integration. RouteGenie paratransit software provides full control of data and seamlessly manages the information flow into your system.


There is nothing worse than running late on your pick up and drop-offs or keeping unnecessary vehicles and drivers on the road, all due to poor planning. RouteGenie NEMT software is state-of-the-art technology that automates and optimizes all NEMT processes such as dispatching, routing, scheduling, billing, and others. It is a one-stop transportation solution that satisfies all needs and demands of NEMT companies.


Maintain an accurate and complete database of your employees. RouteGenie software automatically makes dispatching decisions and multi-loading rides in real-time. Our Driver app will help limit the costs associated with the drivers and vehicles by routing the trips more efficiently. And as for the passengers and payers, they will get more transparency from transportation procedures with the Customer app.

RouteGenie paratransit software is HIPAA-compliant. It is intuitive and flexible, it boasts a lot of useful features that help providers offer dependable service to the riders and get more revenue without extra hassle. Receiving reliable NEMT software assistance you may rest assured that your clients are in good hands.

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